Demand Management Analytics

Our product, MarketMethods, improves three key operational sub-processes of demand management.

Collect Data

Save time collecting valuable market data by using one OData API to acquire an integrated view of the market. During the first step of the demand management process, many companies spend a tremendous amount of time collecting data about the market from multiple sources.

Describe the Market

Make the right product/service available to the right customer at the right time by using cluster models to develop a deeper understanding of customer segments.

Forecast and Predict

Fill a knowledge and skills gap by using industrial algorithms to automate forecasting. Mitigate demand risks by planning with probabilities.

The Key Benefits

According to a recent study by Forbes Insights and Dun & Bradstreet, many companies lack the data and skills to improve business performance with analytics. With better information and automation from MarketMethods, companies can experience improvements in the following areas.


Product/Service Availability

Reduce costs associated with poor service



Save time building forecasts


New Product/Service Development

Mitigate risks with new product/service releases


Demand Planning

Ensure the best service at lowest cost